December 26th, 2007

DW} Oh no; it is an ever fixed mark

We are giant, enormous idiots. Do not say 'ginormous.'

Icons! At long last, or somesuch.

Including, but not limited to: Dead Like Me, Jossverse, Go Fug Yourself Quotes, Kurt Vonnegut, and Doctor Who.


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{1-5} Dead Like Me
{6-11} Buffyverse
{12-15} Lord of the Rings
{16-18} Firefly
{19-23} Doctor Who
{24-26} Friday Night Lights
{27-28} Pushing Daisies
{29-30} Supernatural
{31-32} Harry Potter
{33-35} Miscellaneous (Kurt Vonnegut, Lily Allen, Stock)
{36-39} The Princess Bride quotes

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